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The Co-CEO
The Co-CEO

Meet Mrs Ross

Demetria Ross is an Atlanta based entrepreneur, life coach, counselor, Co-Founder and CEO of Iconic Hair. Her confidence, assertiveness, and drive motivated her for success. Some of her greatest accomplishments was receiving a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Professional Counseling as well as developing Iconic Hair one year ago with her daughter.


Together they brainstormed and established a business that embraced all styles of hair, or fashion. The motto "Being Unapologetic" is a mantra Iconic Hair stands on in hopes to inspire others not to be ashamed of the stigma associated with not only black hair but just being a person of color. The ideals of Iconic are to uplift, inspire, and empower the individual to be themselves and confident so that they can galvanize and celebrate their culture

and community.

Miss Ross

Meet Miss Ross

Sederra Ross is a scientist currently pursuing a Ph.D. in chemistry. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of Iconic Hair .  She applied her chemistry background to aid manufacturers in the development of the hydrating all-natural hair formula for Iconic Hair. Her passion for science and beauty has inspired her to use her skills to not only formulate, but foster ideals about beauty and culture that changes the way women and men view their hair.

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